Ralph Lauren Navy Crocodile Leather Clutch Bag 95C6rj4t

Ralph Lauren Navy Crocodile Leather Clutch Bag 95C6rj4t
Ralph Lauren Navy Crocodile Leather Clutch Bag
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The List 1 yıl önce

Any odoriferous quirks that we missed?

mugen jin 1 hafta önce

Ketones are better fuel than sugars

Biff Steele 4 hafta önce

I work with a guy who has the absolute worst BO I have ever seen. We do jobs in local stores and work in close proximity. It is so bad that you can smell it throughout the whole store. During hot weather it is toxic. He smells like the ammonia smell coming from a filthy litter box. He is a chain smoker and the nicotine oozing out of his skin, mixed with the dirty cat box odor makes me gag. Been working with him six years and as far as I know nobody has ever mentioned it to him. The only thing I can think of is that his olfactory nerves are dead from all the smoking.

bean 1 ay önce

I'm so god damn thankful I relate to none of these.

Anahy Galicia 1 ay önce

What do they do if you go to the docter when having vagina odor

blep blep cat 1 ay önce

My armpits tend to get very sweaty quickly and that's why they smell bad, i have to shower two times a day daily to avoid it 😭

Roger Gonzalez 2 ay önce

See your doctor,get your doctor,....so uselles video

Badoww 3 ay önce

i can not take a shower for 3 weeks, still have zero odor

Noodles 3 ay önce

My sweat smells like vinagar ;-------;

MG Big-Dawg 5 ay önce

What about if your armpits smell very sour?

shania lynch 6 ay önce

I have smelly armpits and i'm a girl

stargirl 7 ay önce

my underarms smell like honey... should i be worried?

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